Why should you RUN with us?

We’re the Best Green Cleaning Team in the GTA.

RUN consists of highly trained, professional janitorial staff that act as a completely dedicated team for your commercial/corporate business.

Highly Trained Staff

Our RUN Team are an elite group of cleaners that are trained to provide the highest level of Quality janitorial services. With WHMIS and JHSC certifications, our cleaners are equipped with state of the art cleaning equipment to maximize the outcome of any service provided. Our team of Runners professionally trained and certified to handle your needs.

Green Cleaning Program

RUN Janitorial is a huge advocate for promoting the use of environmentally friendly products in your everyday office maintenance. We offer very effective cleaning products that are not harsh on the surfaces of your desks, windows, and floors for yours to consider. RUN aims to do our part in the environment by recycling and disposing of garbage in the correct manner. Need help putting together an efficient waste disposal program or want to explore our inventory of environmentally green products? Connect with your Sales Manager for more information on how we can help your work environment RUN greener!

100% Service Quality Guarantee

Delivering exceptional services is a top priority at RUN Janitorial. Our team of dedicated cleaners strive to maintain service levels by being consistent and diligent in what we do. Our On-Site Supervisors make it their mission to ensure that all services are completed as per your business needs on a daily basis. A nightly walkthrough is done after our services are performed because we value you as a client and do all we can to ensure that you are always satisfied with our services! RUN understands the importance of delivering quality service and pride our self in our work ethics. You can count on RUN to get the job done right the first time.

Customized Maintenance Programs

From your essential office maintenance, RUN Janitorial offers additional cleaning programs that can be integrated into your everyday needs. From additional Maintenance Programs, such as Window Cleaning and Consumables Management, RUN is equipped to handle all your Business needs. Have an odd task that requires attention on a frequent basis? Speak to your Sales Manager, you can always count on RUN to find a way to execute any given tasks to your satisfaction.

Monthly Service Audits

RUN Janitorial values the input of our clients and we frequently seek the opportunity to ensure that service levels are being met ALWAYS. Not only do we pride ourselves in our performance, we also care about your feedback and suggestions as to how we can help your Business RUN smoother. Monthly Audits build a relation between client and service provided to ensure that we are making you happy and doing what’s best for your workplace. Use one of our Monthly Service Audits to brainstorm ways in which RUN can help you minimize spend while maximize productivity within your work environment.

We Love What We Do

As a leading competitor in the community, RUN continues to push boundaries in the janitorial industry by providing the proper training, correct equipment, and additional services that benefit the needs of your company. Our team loves doing what they do and our level of service is demonstrated in the ‘can-do’ attitude of our employees. Our Sales Managers, Supervisors and Janitorial staff are here to make your life easy! We love what we do and we do everything we can to ensure that you love what we do. RUN WITH US TODAY!